All-In-One No Pull Dog Harness
All-In-One No Pull Dog Harness

All-In-One No Pull Dog Harness

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For pet lovers, especially dogs, walking and playing with them is what makes us the most fun and also what makes our dogs the most excited. But sometimes the walks make our puppies suffer from old-style straps. Stop that with our smart belt! With the adjustable straps – Fits Your Dog’s Body perfectly and comfortably. It’s comfortable for your fur-baby and works with breeds of ALL sizes. No more slipping out of their harness! This is ‘slip proof’ and comfy for your fur-baby to wear on walks, hikes, and runs. You and your dog will be safe on night walks, the reflective harness will make you easy to spot. Better control helps with pulling and no pressure on their necks or trachea if they pull.
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*No Other Colors Available At This Time*

Material: 100% Cotton
Feature: Breakaway,Personalized,Padded
Type: Harnesses

NOTE: Give all orders 2-3 weeks to arrive due to high order volume.

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